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What is Stream Together?

Experience the right streams with the right app

The Stream Together app is available on all mobile and desktop devices. It brings all your favorite online content together. T.V. shows, movies, streamers, news, and much more. Download the Stream Together app and join streams at the click of a button. It really is that simple. Give it a try for yourself below.


What features does Stream Together have?

Live Video & Audio Chat

When you connect, you can live voice chat and video chat while you watch your favorite streams.

Discover New Communities

Discover new esport streamers, or new shows to watch with new people.

Connect & Sync up

The Stream Together app auto syncs your screens to save the hassle.

Live Events

Join in on live stream parties to enjoy some of the latest and best streams.

Free & Easy To Use

Download and sign up or log in anonymously. Join streams with a single click of a button.

Connect Like Never Before

Get started today and never stream alone again.

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